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    another bromo question HELP

    i just got my bromo Novartis 5mg CAPSULES. how do i split the capsule to 1.25 and 2.5 mg dosages? i do not want to incure hardcore bromo sides. also are these pills legit? i dont have a camera but they are sealed and packaged up.

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    Never seen those kind, mine are 2.5mg tabs

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    Never heard of them either, but they might be legit as I am no expert. If it is a capsule, it will be a bitch to split up. Only thing I can think of is to take out powder from capsule and split into 4 equal piles. You can buy capsules for the other 3 servings, but I forget where. I will try to get back to you

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    if you want to buy capsules go to your healt food store or naturilist store and they sell vegi.-caps for capping your own pills. they are just capsules made out of vegi. extract

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