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    alevok Guest

    My 12 week Cycle/ check it out

    I will soon start a new cycle (Nov 1) I am all excited already. Gathering my juice before I start.
    This is how it looks like so far
    Weeks 1-12 400mg primo/w
    Weeks 1-6 50mg propionate /d
    weeks 1-3 starting with one tab and increasing till 3 anadrol /d
    weeks 4-7 dbol starting with three tabs till 8 tabs/d
    weeks 7-12 50mg winstrol /d
    weeks 7-12 2 weeks on ECA 2 weeks on Clen
    Nolvadex /proviron in hand, clomid 2 weeks after last primo shot. Milk thistle, multi vit, saw palmetto will be used. I will be getting as much protein as I can, still clean food but in high amount till week 7, after 7th week I will be on diet for cutting some.
    What do you all think of my cycle? Anything missing that I am not aware of?

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    tt333 is offline Senior Member
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    Why are you running adrol,dbol and winny back to back to back? I think I rememberd your picutre and the way you look, you probally wont need to cut that much. I would throw some test in that cycle.

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    alevok Guest
    I want to start with a strong AS and finish up with a milder AS. I do take test, I will be taking 50mg/d Testosterone propionate for 6 weeks. The reason why I take anadrol and dbol is to get strength to push heavier therefore I can add some muscle to my skinny frame. I know gains from anadrol, d-bol are not permanent so primo and winstrol will give me some quality muscle.

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