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    Question what we expect from a.s

    I remember before I took steroids I would look at pics in the magazines and have people sayto me things like, "look at them freaks, all big because of taking juice."

    With the media also giving the image that steroids were a wonder drug for building muscle, of course I was interested.

    My first cycle was only small, consisting of 2 shots of deca a week for what was gonna be 8 weeks but got cut short at 4 due to a mis-order and 6 d-bol tabs a day down to 4 a day on the 6th week. Now i though this was gonna turn me into jay cutler over night. I mean, after all, steroids do that to you dont they? well i was to learn its not that easy. I didnt really notice too much of a change until the 4th and 5th weeks, where my pumps were nice, i could see veins appearing under my skin and my strength and endurance went up too. Cutting a long story short, I gained only 12 lbs instead of my expectancy of double that but the good news is, i kept everything. I wasnt quite jay cutler yet but it made me realise that these gains were far better than naturally trained athletes and every step counts right?

    I'm on my second cycle of d-bols, sus250 and deca and with this im up 11lbs already and still have 4 weeks to go! Im learning its better to make smaller gains and keep them rather than gain loads of weight thru water retention only to lose alot when i finish the cycle.

    so what i wanted to hear from u guys is basically, what did u expect at first from steroids, what did and do u gain, and lastly how has your attitude changed from when u started a.s to now?

    I'm not asking for a just a mere list of stats and numbers but more of a mental outlook on the subject and maybe a few stats to show ur point...


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    Well I was on the boards for a while before I started so I knew that 30lbs a cycle was too much to ask for. I did my first cycle and gained 15 lbs after it was all said and done. Just it is not as easy as everyone thinks. Yes you get stronger but it doesn't make lifting the weight any easier, because as you get stronger the weights only get heavier. So its a constant battle that we'll never win, cause we'll always run out of strenght before we run out of weights. I just hate it when people go around with the mislead impression that "they're cheating b/c their on AAS" thats bullshit. If they onlyknew how hard we hard to work

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    I agree with Full, i researched quit a while before even contimplating using. I even wrote my thesis in college on AAS. so i knew what to expect out of my first cycle. However before my research i thought they were the wonder drug that would make you look just like the pro's in no time.

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