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Thread: Mail Time

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    Question Mail Time

    Whats up guys? Just wondering if anyone has any info on mail time.
    I ordered some stuff from UK and the dude said that it shipped on
    9-3-02 but still nothing. Package would be coming to a PO Box in
    Didn't know if anyone else had any experience with this long of mailtime.
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    It doesn't sound like you will get your stuff. Check with your source and see if he will resend it.

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    not good bro,,, usually when it takes more than 15 days you can expect a letter from the nice folks at US Customs! either that or you got scammed.. sorry bro, I hope I'm wrong...

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    damn, that's a long time bro. i usually only have to wait 7-10 days at the most, but i've heard of people waiting longer. e-mail your source,and see what's up. sorry to say you might have gotten scammed, but it's only been what 4 weeks i heard of people waiting up to six weeks depending on your location.. check your source with a mod to make sure he's legit.

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