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    my first cycle what do you think

    hi, everyone i'm doing some research about AAS and sides effect and how should i use it, i finally end in this first cycle that consist in 10 vials of sustanon 250mg and 10 vials of primo 100mg. i'm going to take 1 vials of each one for week to complete 10 week cycle. also i have clomid i will take it for 3 weeks when i finish the cycle, 100mg for the first week and then 50mg for the last two 28 pills and i going to by some Novaldex for more protection to have a low % of sides effect. my goal is to gain 20-25 lb of lean muscle and rest for the same time of duration of the cycle and do a cutting cycle of 14 vials of primo 100mg, and 32 vials of winstrol 50 mg and 126 tabs of clenbuterol . i want some advice or opinion about my plan and what do you think i'm missing. thanks.

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    the test is a low but doable dose but the primo is a total should be ran at 400 mg wk to see any results from it.
    if thats all you got save it until ypou get more. try to get another 10 AMPS of sustenon and 30 more amps of primo$$$$$$$$
    or you could run the test only and wk 11-13 run the primo at 300 mg wk to harden up .i dont think the 3oo mg will keep you shut down so you could probably get on clomid a few days out of this cycle

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