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    Question about fake gear?

    Does anyone know a way i can find out if my Omnadren 250 is fake. I have checked all the pictures of it I can find about it and looks real. The reason im a little worried now is because I checked out an issue of Anabolic Insider and there was an article about it being produced as fake from russia. Also I have been hearing about this internationl pharmacy directory book that you can order , does any know if it is worth buying... Thanks

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    don't buy the book all the info you will need to find is here. Sorry I can't help you with the Omnadren but someone should

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    if i were you i would buy anabolics 2000 actually i think there might be a 2002 edition now. it has a section after every description and info about all different kinds of gear from a-z. at the end of each one it describes and shows pictures of fakes. it helps trust i caught a guy i kinda new tryin push some fakes on me before. get a little extra for free because of it.

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