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    The Green Dragon

    Can somone advise on this cycle. Give opinion please.

    200mg test every 4 days for 11 wks
    50mg anadrol every day wks 1-3
    50mg winstrol eod wks 7-13

    post cycle

    hcg 1500 iu wks 13 & 14
    nolvadex 40mg tapered to 20mg wks 13-15

    Has anyone seen green hexagon anadrol with a slash on oneside and a snake on the other made by Brit Dis. And 10mg blue winny about 3 times the size of ball point pin. The test is 200mg Tornell and Brovel.

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    so the test ,ur shooting 400 a week ,thats good.i wouldnt use hcg rigth at the end use some clomid ,300 day one then 100 mg 10 days and 50 for 10 days .save the hcg for a hard long cycles .the rest looks good

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