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Thread: post cycle?

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    post cycle?

    This week I finish my 12 week cycle of:
    dbol 30mg ed 1-4
    enanthate 500mg ew 1-12
    It was my first and I've gained just about 30 lbs, originally I had planned on 3 weeks after my last shot combining some clen with my clomid therapy. However, I have a ton of dbol left and was wondering if I add that in at 10mg ed and bridge to my next cycle if I should still take the clen and do all 3.? Im trying to keep as much of my gains as possible.

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    You can take the clen if you want to lose some excess BF but you probably won't need it to help maintain muscle mass with the dbol bridge.

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    since it is your first cycle, dont bridge, you are not experiencecd enough to. but you can use clen /eca to do between time for next cycle. it will help shed fat you put on during bulkig cycle. clen is NOT a steroid so it is not really a bridge. Slide!

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