Finaplix -S has now been scheduled. I saw it on a thread at Musclezine, and went to the DEA website. Finaplix-S is listed as a Schedule 3 drug.
If they listed that I can't see what would keep them from listing Finapix-H. Finaplix-S is just 7 pellets, vs 10 pellets in Finaplix-H (140mg vs 200mg) of trenbolone .

This was taken from Bolex!

I got an e-mail from this company (Ph___-St__) that said that the DEA has scheduled Finaplix-S and is trying to schedule Finaplix-H. Does anyone know anything about this?

TEXT FROM THE LETTER "It appears some folks have been using implants for
purposes outside of their original function. The DEA has begun to schedule
Implants, with the recent initial listing of Finaplix-S to Schedule III.
All other Implants should follow shortly to become controlled substances
( )."