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    Angry U.S. Customs Sent A Certified Letter To My P.O. BOX

    Hey bros,

    Last week in my p.o. box i got one of those pink little notices that said i had a certified letter waiting for me at the counter. Here is the thing, the p.o. box is in one name and my gear comes in a different name. The name on the notice was the name i use for my gear. I could not read on the notice who it was from and since it came in the name i used for my gear i did not pick it up. You see i only use the p.o. for my gear and nothing else. Today i got one of those final pick up notices in my box and this time it was much more legible and sure enough it was from U.S. Customs.

    Now i am in my post cycle about 7 weeks now and i have not ordered any thing in over 3 months but when i did i remember i did not receive one of my orders, 8 vials of deca ........could it be that u.s. customs is that backed up or incompetent?
    I just thought i would share this with you and get some feedback and those missing deca were in the beginning of my order and i got everything else including the reoder of those.
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    That sucks bro
    Take the loss. Dont pick up shit

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    leave it alone dnt go back

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    I also received a certified letter from customs back in September for a product seizure.

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    Yea ignore it but definalty dont claim your goodies oh yea btw Rangers Lead The way.....wpns platoon/a co 3 rd 75th Ranger Batt.

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