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    Question Finaplix really good?

    hello all i have a question. all opinions help. Well Finaplix 80mg.

    I was looking for more power, and quality muscle gaines, and more possiblity of keeping them. SO a strong muscle builder not that much bloat.

    so far what i could think of is

    Weeks 1-15 400mg EQ a week
    Weeks 1-6 80mg Fina ED

    Take no longer than 6 weeks with at least 1 gallon of water.
    80mg ED for sweet results.
    Has anyone takend the europharm Tenbolone acetate? and what were your gaines, and your sides. Also did you get roid rage ?

    And can i jump star with winni 50mg tabs or would another be better(in mind i don't want that much bloat this cycle, more quality).

    what can i add to this cycle? or what would you add to make it sweet?

    5'7 161lb
    on 3rd cycle (dbol , eq, test cyp)

    thank you

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    yeah thanks for you fast response. I am not taking that yet. see i'm taking eq1-10(400mg) test cyp1-10(500mg) and dbol 1-5(50mgED)

    but I was just starting to do research on my next cycle. i want to research site shots.. since i never done it, if it's painfull etc.. also i want to get advise from people on or who used fina.. thanks anyone else any comments?

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    if you are researching yor next cycle and plan on spot injecting europharm(**) tren ,my advice is dont,that stuff hurts like no other.even in the glute it makes it unbareable to sit down
    as far as adding sometng to the cycle the only thing i can think of is test
    you could do something like this
    wk 1-4 prop 100 mg eod(for the kick start)
    wk 1-4 enethate 200 mg wk
    wk 5-15 enethate 400-500 mg wk
    wk 1-15 eq 400 mg wk
    wk 12-18 tren 80 mg ed
    wk 12-18 winny 50 mg ed
    clomid 3 days after last tren/winny
    roid rage depends on user,i personally never get it

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    staten island
    and Parabolan

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