Well it's official. I started my first cycle yesterday. I got it staright out of "Anabolics 2002" Actually it's slightly different. I just replaced the Deca with Ultragan 100. So here it is for everyone to critique.
wks 1-10 400mgs Ultragan 100
wks 2-11 50mgs Proviron
wks 5-11 50mgs Stanol V tabs
wks 12-14 HCG
My stats are 5'8" 175lbs 31yrs old and i've been lifting for about 5 years. I expect to gain some good lean mass and keep most of it. Of course I'll start my HCG as recommended but that's several weeks from now. My only question is am I overdoing the Proviron? Do I really need 50mgs ed or will 25mgs be sufficient? I'm sure alot of you bros are going to tell me to add Test but I'm a little scared of the side effects and I'm not looking to bulk up. So in closing I would like to thank everyone on this board and this entire website for all the outstanding information. I couldn't have done it without you. PEACE!!