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    whats best for water retention and gyno protection?

    Hey guys, wondering what is best for reducing water retention and preventing gyno. I have access to nolvadex , liquidex, and arimidex (generic brand). I am running dbol 40mgs week 1-2, 35 mgs week3-4, tt eq 600 mgs/week 1-12, qv test enhantate 500mgs/week 1-12, fina week 9-15 100mgs/ed, winny 50mgs eod weeks 10-16. Afraid of the bloat bc I will be going home for winterbreak from school and dont want to look like a ballon, parents already suspect. 20 mgs nolva ed? .5 armidex ed? liquidex? What have you guys used that works the best, especially if u can compare them.

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    as you probably know, liquidex and arimidex are not effective in combatting the gyno caused by fina, but in my opinion its a rare thing.

    get some bromo if your worried about it.

    bump for the other info

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    if it's bloat your concerned about .5mg arimidex ed throughout cycle works for me. like buddha said noval wont help with prog. gyno so bromo will be in order. i saw that you were tapering the dbol weeks 3-4 i would stick with a regular dose 35mg, or 40mg. do you have milkthistle,and ala for this cycle?

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    what about proviron

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