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    Want to get ripped

    Hey guys this may sound dumb but I want to put on some size and get ripped. I have a few ideas but I thought I'd let ya know some of the steroids I was thinking of and then I was hoping someone could tell me a good 10-15 cycle I could do to get some mass and ripped at the same time. I was thinking of either eq or fina, ethanate(cause I want some testosterone to block the effects of eq or fina), clomid, d-bol(dont want bloatedness but thought maybe to jump start my cycle), nolvadex (just in case), clomid for post cycle, and maybe arimidex and or extreme ripped fuel. I could get just bout anything, but I just want to look good when I go on spring break. I'm about 6 ft, 160 lbs, at around 10-12% bodyfat. Any help would be great.

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    OK first of all bro, If you really want some size you can't bulk and cut at the same time. Pick one then worry about the other later. Also what effect of eq is the test gonna help with? I may be wrong bro, but I feel you need a little more research before you think about a cycle. Also at 160lb you have a ton of natural potential left. Anabolics are not something to take lightly.

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