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    Wink Your suggestions

    Gooday all ! well im starting to plan for cycle "two" which will comence around spring next year, im looking for a good bulking cycle my first cycle was sust shot every 4 days and at the beginning deca but i droped that due to the cost, i can get my hands on anything cause its legal where i am, so im looking to all you bro's with your vast knowledge and experience to put me in the right direction for a mega mass campaign, so lets get started shall we?

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    Well mate no one can tell you exactly what to take... you have to sort out exactly what suits you..

    But as a guideline.. a good beginner mass cycle would be somthing like weeks 1-4 Dbol , weeks 1-10 Test Enan (or sust or anything) and weeks 1-10 (deca or Eq).. Fina could also be used... But i probably wouldn't seeing you are still quite new...

    But if your last cycle ended because of 'cost'.. i would make sure you buy all your gear this time before starting.. including clomid, nolva etc...

    Best of luck mate..


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    I agree with Jaguar.

    If cost is a concern... Save up, be patient. Get your money's worth. It's better to get your money's worth than being unhappy with an 'inadequate' cycle. Skimping on all the gear may lead to not getting the results you want, not doing the right cycle to fully keep your gains, etc.. In essence, you'll be spending more money on the long run.

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    D-bol 30mg ED wk 1-5
    TEST CYP 600mg wk, wk 1-10
    EQ(or Deca ) 400mg wk, wk 1-10
    Clomid post cycle, and have some Nov handy.
    this is the cycle I am finishing up now with good results.
    (4th cycle)

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