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    fake tt eq? anyone ever read anabolic insider by jeff summers?

    One of my buddies reads it and i asked him if i could read it . I came across a article ,it was saying that ttokkyo eq lot#076 exp jul 03 was tested by his labs and the results shocked him cause the bottle had a hologram and was sealed plus everything else to prove it was the real deal but anyway when the results came back it and was a low dose of test enan.. I think he might of gotten a fake bottle some how cause later in the article he says that ttokkyo is coming up with a way to mark ttokkyo bottles with a water mark. I havent checked but he says there is updated info on ttokkyo website. His magazines are kind of cool cause it gives good info but not as good a thorough as here.

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    i dont know about all that ,alot of people knock tt stuff but i think it deserves its credit aswell.i nevevr ahd a ny problems with them .always got good resaults from TT eq so i dont know what hes talking about ,maybe he has some sort of problem with taht company or something .

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    I posted on this last night on a different thread. DON'T BELIEVE A THING YOU READ IN THAT PROPAGANDA NEWSLETTER!!!! Jeff Summer's purpose is to get people to use those shitty pro-hormones instead of the real deal. He also knocked Winny-V in that same newsletter and said it was crap and didn't produce results. Why do you think he is bad mouthing Winny and Eq? It is because he sells an "alternative" Eq(Equi-bolan) and Winny(Maxteron).

    I believed the propaganda and used Impact Nutritions products once...they are ABSOLUTE CRAP!!!!! TT is in all likelyhood still good and legit and this is just a rumor cooked up to sell some shitty products.

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    i had great results on tt gear. ran the eq and had good results

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    Yeah I read it. There is nothing like a good fiction mag in the toilet. And that Jeff Summers I have never seen such a skilled comedian. Why is he worried about Tt anyway his prohormones are better then AAS.

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    I have heard mixed reviews on TT. The only thing that I will vouch for with there product is the winny tabs. Those are golden!!

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    i posted a thread on this a couple of weeks ago. i read the same thing and was starting that eq. EVERY ANSWER i got said that eq was good,people were getting vascular and it worked for them also everyone said not to believe a thing he writes

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    Better not be true I got a lot of the 076. OH and I do know people who are making great gains from it.

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    the last cycle i did, i was on this batch of eq. let me tell ya, it was definitely eq all the way..........test enan my ass.

    peace bb79

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    latman is right!! I took some Impact nutrition products and they were absolute shit. I'm talking, almost zero results. Jeff summers needs to get a foot up his ass....a big foot....with a sharp spike on the end....

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