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    i love this place..

    ive been to a few other boards, did my research here and there, but this place is..just crazy. i feel like a newbie comming to this place. so much information gettin passed along here. just wanted to express my appreciation to the moderators and the members of this board for keeping it clean and hella informative. from the straight ppl passin important info along and even to the ocasional flamer(which is quite amusing actually) yalls keep this place in check. with all that aside, i have one question..(No, im not looking for a source)

    ive been taking 500mg of sustanon weekly along with 400mg of deca . ive been gettin headaches like nutz. i rarely do get headaches, so im kinda relating the recent headaches to my steroid use this true?

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    Welcome aboard.
    Your right, this place is great with alot of great people on it. Hey as far as your headaches go it could be some water retention which can make your blood pressure slightly higher.


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    Ya Great place


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    Like MAX30 already said I would guess your BP is elevated (deca is bad for that) which is why you have the headaches.

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