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    Have any of you gotten flu symptoms off of Cyp?

    Just curious if it is a trait of sust only or all tests.


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    I have gotten flu-like symptoms off T4.

    It does contain 189 (I think) mg of cyp, 189 of enan. & 25 mg of prop.

    I got these when I took 1/2 cc on consecutive days. Now I split up my doses (T4 = 1cc = 400mg) bi-weekly. Once at the beginning of the week and one in the middle. Had a bro who took 1cc and he got sick for a week.

    Ever since splitting up the shots, I've been fine. I think it affects everyone differently and certain people can handle a higher dose at once than others. Body weight and other factors may contribute to this. Just speculation...

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    used upjohn cyp and schering test ent and with no problems.

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