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    Need Cycle Info.

    Fellow Neanders!
    I've read and read about cycles and the different gear but I still don't know what to take. To much advice confuse poor caveman! I work out all the time and pray to Krom daily! HEHE. Seriously though, someone pass some wisdom on what I could take.

    Stats: 25yrold 6'3" 200lbs. 13%BF Small Boned. Naturally revert to Skinny. (think tall Frank Zane)

    Desire: Minimal sideffects. Strength Gain. LBS. that stay on.

    This is not my first "rodeo" so to speak. I did a cycle 4yrs (kinda remember what, buddy set it up for me) ago and went from 165 to 210lbs. (Huge gain probablly in part because I was runner) I have lost 10lbs but my wieght goes up and down. My big loss was my STRENGTH! I admit I like getting big but man I love being strong. I responded so well that now I have 'wonderful' stretch marks on my shoulders and chest. I did better than my buddies at the time leaving me to believe I must have low lvls of Test naturally in me, hence why I get skinny. Anyway, to the point...I need advice on cycle. Dbol seems worthless...I don't want "hollow" gains. Sus gets mixed reviews. I have read bad news on Deca , here and there. EQ sounds good but what with it? Test, yea sounds good but which frigg'in one? Oil based, I've been told lead to worse side effects. See its CORN-FUSING! I want lean muscle, that I can keep. 10lb gain that stays would be awsome. I am willing to take my time with growth, no exploding hurry.
    Thanks a ton. A please no cycle advice thats going to blow me up and stretch me out! People don't seem to by the "I was fat" line

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    There are a lot of people here that will help you if you demonstrate that you've taken the time first to help yourself.

    In other words:
    1. Create a cycle based on your goals and your research.
    2. Post your planned cycle with the following info: Stats, Goals, reason for picking the AS in your planned cycle, past cycle experience (what you used and for how long), lifting experience and your current diet.

    Good luck.

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