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    can someone help me out a little

    can somone who has a few cycles behind there back helkp me out with a few questions i have,ive been on a 500mg/wk test cycle for the last 8 weeks ive recently got sort of a deep soreness in my right pec beneath the nipple ive been taking 40 mg of nolva for 3 days and the pain has not subsided im not sure if its gyno or not i think i had alittle there to begin woith anyhow ill try and post some pics later tonight if it was gyno would the pain really hurt or would it be a dulled inner muscular tissue feeling like i have,also im still shooting good loads i though AAS was supposed to shut down your sperm production and my testicles still have no shrunk much in size that i can notice im fairly sure my source is legitamte i know many people who use him so i hope my gears real anyway any comments or thought on this maybe some shraed simmilar experiences would really help ease this newbies mind thanks for all your time and help guys later

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    not sure about the gyno issue, ill bump that, and the load thing isn't really telling you much, i have some phat ass loads and i can probably bet there are hardly any spermies in there...your load isn't mainly composed of 'sperm', its also seminal fluid which isn't compromised by hpta shutdown

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    For me, the nolva didn't start working for about a week

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