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    PRIMOBOLAN on its OWN!!!

    As mention of trying to get the best out of my GEAR. What do you think if I complete my 1st cylce with Deca (200 x 10wks) & Sust(500 x 10wks). Once that is completed Use Primo(300 x 10wks)??

    Will Primo hardened me up with the amount being taken. Aswell, I may want to break it up and consider using Primo as a 2nd cylce a few months laterinstead than bridging it with my 1st cycle. Can some of the experienced Mods advise please!!!

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    I would definetly raise the deca to 400mg with the test at 500. If you want you can use the primo as a bridge towards your next cycle. Thats what i'd do. Maby get some dballs for a jump start on that deca/test cycle.

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