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    Question Anavar in am or staggered?

    Is anavar best taken in the am all at once or spread throughout the day?

    Here's some debate:
    (Got this Anavar FAQ post from EF)What is the halflife of Ox?

    ~9 hours.

    When should ox be dosed?

    There are two camps.

    Camp 1: Take it all in the morning. The rationale is that your blood concentrations will 'fall off' by the time you go to bed, which will limit HPTA impact during this crucial "recentering" time for your body.

    Camp 2: Spread it out evenly through the day. This will keep blood concentrations steady. Plus, don't we want that nice anabolic substance in our veins during our growth at night?

    My comments: With a halflife of 9 hours, this issue is virtually meaningless. The ideas used in "camp 1" apply well when you have a substance with a 3 hour halflife (dbol ), (e.g. if 30mg of dbol is taken at 9am, only about 1 miligram is left in your bloodstream by bedtime. great.) I don't think things pan out so well with a 9 hour halflife drug. If 40mg is taken at 9am, at bedtime you will have approximately 10mg or more in your bloodstream. You would have about 15 at bedtime if you took it 4 times evenly through the day. I don't think you are giving your body any dropoff at night anyway.

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    split it up throughout the day, although I usually liked to take at least 20mg 30 min before my workouts, felt it gave me more of a kick.

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    I would spread them out evenly throughout the day. You will have better gains keeping your levels constant. Camp 1 is talking more like a bridging method in which isn't possable to do with anavar due to the halflife. I know some swear that anavar will not shut down HTPA, but I think they are wrong. There are studies that go both ways. You are right about your body not getting any drop off at night because even at dosages of 40mgs taken on hour 1 would still leave 7mgs in your blood stream on the 24th hour.

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    Like said above it depends on how you are trying to use it. If you are using it as a cycle spread it throughout the day. If you want to bridge use it in the AM although in my opinion anavar has too long a half life to be used as a good bridge.

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