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    Why Should Deca and EQ not be taken togther?

    okay, i remember reading quite a few posts explaning how deca and eq were simliar and hit the same bodys receptors.

    My friend wants to take both of these in the same cycle, and i was trying to find past posts about this so i could help him out. I cant seem to find them using the search.

    so can someone explain really quick why they shouldnt be taken togther.. so both he and i can have a better understanding.

    thanks in advance.

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    well, like you posted above, the main reason has already been stated. they vy for the same receptors.
    however, some guys do use both together, because deca acts as a lubricant for the joints, while eq tends to dry them out. so if you have joint problems, this might be a viable combo. otherwise, i would pass, because one aas will saturate and the other will be basically useless. this is also why a lot of guys will combine deca with winstrol .(deca lubricates, while winstrol dries out the joints) use your best judgement as to what you need certain aas for, ok?

    peace bb79

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