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    Time off while on......

    just a query,
    i found when i was training natural, if i took a week off i would come back and feeling alot better and pushing harder and kept these increases most of the time........
    im about due for a week off but im in my 7th week of sust/deca cycle and will start whinny in 9th to 12th......
    i know it sounds stupid but has any one done it b4???
    just stop training, keep injecting and eating clean though......

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    Hey man..

    Just saying hello to another fellow Aussie .. where abouts in aus you from mate??

    About the question, I personally havent done it myself, and I actually cant even recall hearing anyone do it, as generally everyone is to pumped about there cycle's and gains to stay away from the gym for that amount of time, but will give this a BUMP for anyone else that may have tried it..


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    IMO....There is no problem in taking a week of out of the gym. However, why are you doing it? Do you feel like you need the break...are you tired, plataeuing? Anyway, a week out of the gym is not that bad. I went on vacation this past summer while in mid cycle, didn't have access to a gym and I didn't lose anything. Eat clean and you should be OK

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    Seems like a waste of gear to me but that's jmo, you have to make the call.

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    How are you feeling now? I know you normally take a week off, but things are quite different while you're on juice.

    I agree with the above, seems like a waste of gear imo. Might as well get your money's worth. For me, the closer and closer I get to the end of my cycle, the harder I want to work out. (Maybe because I know it's ending soon).

    Are you making gains every week at the moment?

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    yeah i have been making some decent gains... about 6-7 kgs up atm...
    i dont think im overtraining or anything i just wanted some opinions.......
    it has worked for me while not on just wanted to know if anyone had done it.....
    it sounded weird to me just wanted to c what u guys thought......
    thanks for the input.........
    just so u know my cycle is
    week1-2 sust 250/ deca50 250mg/150mg (then i upped the doses) i did ask b4 i did
    week 2-9 sust250/deca50 500mg/250mg
    week 9-12 whinny probably 1cc ed
    then clomid
    oh and jaguar im from sydney....

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