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Thread: This Sucks!

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    This Sucks!

    Sorry guys, but i need to vent a little...I have lost close to 15 lbs since I have had my herniated disk, haven't been able to work out at all...i feel like a little girl, people are saying how im losing all this weight. I can't handle it, i need to hit up the gym!!!!! AHH sorry i had to let my agression go somehow...


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    I feel your pain brotha. I too was layed up for a while when I had my shoulder injury. I was out of the gym for about 8 months. I lost alot of strength and mass. I felt like I was starting all over again. I gained it back fairly quickly though, if its any consolation. Hopefully you won't be out that long. Take advantage of your recovery time and then come back even stronger. Good luck.

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    I fractured my rib and was out for about a month and a half, and IT SUCKED. I'm back in now, but for that time period I felt like shit. I only lost a couple of pounds.

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    Sorry to hear about that bro! back in '96 I suffered a severe neck injury and couldn't walk for a couple of weeks. I was out of footbal forever and out of the gym for almost a year and a half. trust just enjoy your recovery time and train hard when you get back. It's been a few years now and glad to say I'm in better shape now then ever. You'll get back to it soon enough. Good luck to you and have a speedy recovery!!!

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