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    Unhappy girls....and winijet

    Guys I need your advice on a situation ! I have this girl that is bugging me for some gear but I'm not sure about what I should give her! She wants to get tight and shredded..shes gone the eca and clen route but she doesn't like the way clen makes her feel. So I guess I'm needing some advice on what to get her for the results she wants! She is shy of needles so winijet is attractive to her.

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    I heard questionable things about winijet, and do not think a woman should ever chance it. Also I did spectro winny for six weeks and although I ended up building muscle mass like crazy, I did not get shredded from it. Woman mostly use winny to bulk, not to cut. I experienced severe bloating from winny, which does not happen to men either. This bloating was so bad that I ended up stopping the cycle only half way through. Also winny totally killed my sex drive most of the time I was on it. It was a shame in many ways, since I really did love the stuff and the killer pumps it gave me at the gym. I also had endless endurance, but had many sleepless nights, due to the night sweats that I ended up having.

    We are a lot different then men in that sense. If a woman is interested in using gear, she should go out and do the proper research to know what to expect. Even then, you really do not know what will happen since woman are very different in chemistry from individual to individual.

    A guy should never go out and get a woman any sort of gear. If something goes wrong and she ends up with a zillion side effects, you will be blamed for it, believe me. You should tell your lady friend to come here and join and do the research herself. I really hate it when woman want to jump into steroid use , just because they feel it will help them lean out. Steroids for woman should not be taken lightly at all. They can really screw a woman up for quite awhile, if not forever.

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