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Thread: 2nd Cycle Help

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    2nd Cycle Help

    Got all my gear (and clomid) ready to start second cycle.

    1st cycle did straight test (t400) for 8 weeks. Gained about 14lbs. Have kept close to 10 of it.

    What do you think of this for second

    Wks 1-4 25mg D-bol
    Wks 1-10 400mg EQ
    Wks 1-10 400mg Test (T400)
    Wks 5-10 Fina (150mg EOD)
    Clomid 3 Weeks out

    Please let me know

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    run the fina to week 12 so you can start clomid about a week after your last shot instead of waiting 3 weeks....other than that it looks good. You may want to run arimidex or liquidex throughout the cycle to keep the water off but that is really up to you. of course have nolva on hand if you don't want to do the liquidex thing.

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