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    taking nolvedex throughout whole cycle?

    I know that nolvedex is suppose to be used in case gyno symtoms occur but how many people have takng nolvedex throughout whole cycle and think it works in keeping the estrogen low? I know nolvedex is cheaper and really thinking about using it instead of armidex or liquidex in fact a cool bro I know is doing it too but just wanted to see what you guys thought. thanx

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    its not really for keeping estrogen low, its for killing its side affects, nolvadex simply fights for the same receptors that estrogen does, whereas arimidex binds to the aromatase enzyme making it ineffective for it to turn test into estrogen...hence why adex costs a little more...personally i would choose arimidex if your worried about the sides...good luck

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    Hey bro IMO i think ud be fine running 20mgs of Nolv throughout ur cycle. It doesnt hinder gains as much as people think and its better to be safe then gyno sorry...


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    Be careful, using nolvadex alone all the way through could lead to a rebound effect when you stop, since you are not hindering conversion all that estrogen is still being produced and still floating around. Use ana or let al the way through if you like, and keep the nolva in case you get any gyno symptoms anyway, which you shouldn't if you are taking the appropriate amounts of the others.

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    I am going to do 50mg proviron a day throught, and 10mg nolva a day in the beginning when on dbol , then start towards again towards the end throught post cycle, these are the times when I had probs with the nips. The nolva scheduling is a little different than the normal but we'll se how it works.

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