While I've yet to even undertake my first bulking cycle, or cycle period for that matter, I'm giving serious consideration (given the general trustworthiness of a source i may use who is a personal friend...and please don't PM asking how to contact him) I'll probably be dumping most of my resources into one source and purchasing 90% of what i would need for both the bulking (start after xmas) and cutting (begin early june) cycles...so I'd like to plan it out now, and would appreciate any feedback you could offer, understanding that these threads must get exhausting to guys more "in the know" than myself.

Anyway, as some of you may recall from my late summer complaints, my attempts at dieting down reveal that losing fat is not the major concern, but rather the preservation of muscle is. With that being the case, I'm assuming that traditional "cutters" such as T-3, clen and DNP (wouldn't touch that one even if burning fat was a big problem, though) should be left out of the cycle altogether and I should focus on those components of traditional cutting cycles that carry a rep for preserving muscle and overall "hardening". So, what i've sketched out is as follows:

weeks 1-10: Eq @ 300mg/wk
weeks 1-5: anavar @ 30mg/day
weeks 6-10: winny @ 50mg/eod
weeks 5-10: tren @ 50mg/day

A plurality of my research has been on bulking cycles, so i may be committing a big "no-no" here...some friends have wondered if tren and eq being run together might allow me to bring down the dosage of each a bit, while other insist anavar should remain throughout the cycle. I'd be thankful for any and all suggestions, even if they are of the "you're clueless" variety.