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    A Question For You Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Members...

    Howdy fellow Torontonians,

    My question is quite simple, I have a family doctor, but he doesn't seem to be that good in general, and I def. do NOT want to bring up steroids with this guy, cause, he would just bla bla know exactly what I mean

    So, I was wondering for any of you people who live in the Toronto area, if any of you have a good family doctor or someone close to that, that is really good, and you have spoken openly about steroids, please let me know so that I may be able to get a new doc. If you have someone in mind, please send me a PM. If the doctor is a little far from Toronto (20 mins or so) still let me know, I am willing to travel the extra distance for a really good doctor.


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    Bro I've never mentioned it to my doctor(he has asked and i said no) but he is cool about everything. Just what kind of doctor are you looking for? one that will hand out scripts? cause i think you are going to have a hard time finding one of those. And if you just want a doctor do to regular blood test, just tell your doctor you are on a shit load of supplements that are harmful to the liver, kidney's etc... and then they have to run tests

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    Hey bro,

    I know a doctor that quite a few bodybuilders go to. I will pm you his info.


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