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    Fina detection time different?

    I started a thread about 2 months ago trying to find out the exact detection time of finaplix because i saw different detection times (i assumed it was 4-5 weeks like i saw). At this site it said 4-5 weeks and it has changed to 4-5 months! Now the acetate is not a huge ester while parabolan has an ester (or a bigger one) and is 4-5 weeks (both are trenbolon). I was just wondering if its the other way around or what? My team has a random drug test in a few days and they test around 15 people! I have been off for three months now. Sorry to post another "detection" thread. Thanks guys!

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    I would think you would be safe if you have been off for three months. I think detection time of 4-5 months is on the conservative (and safe side). Please let us know if you are tested and the results so we can add the knowledge.

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    ive heaard 5 months myself. it would be nice to hear some real world testing results

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