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View Poll Results: How Many mgs of Anadrol Do You Think It Is Save To Build Up To Over 6-8 Weeks?

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    sarou2 is offline New Member
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    Nov 2001

    Lightbulb Anadrol Question?

    What is the most mgs of anadrol you can build up to that is safe over 6-8 week period??

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    bigkev's Avatar
    bigkev is offline Scamming Traitor
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    Nov 2001
    i have used anadrol in the past but will never use it again. makes me feel sick all the time. i dont like being sick. IMO dbol is a much better choice.
    if i had to give an answer i would say 100mgs a day is safe and effective. 150mgs a day isnt so safe but is really effective.

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    fitgirl943's Avatar
    fitgirl943 is offline Female Member
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    Oct 2001
    Hope you guys don't mind me chiming in. Of course I have not and would not ever use Anadrol but I did my homework and I learned that 100mg a day is effective.

    Glad to see that my research is paying off. I want to be as educated as possible.

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    Psycoswole's Avatar
    Psycoswole is offline Member
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    Oct 2001
    Vegas, NV
    In my opinion i wouldnt run it longer than 6 weeks bro.Im running Drol for four weeks and will prob pyramid up to 150mg, i might post that i took 200 for a few days because im a little bit heavier, but no promises..

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    Black Stang's Avatar
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    Nov 2001


    100mg a day is safe. I would not go more than that. If it is your first cycle, I would probley go with something eles like D-Bol. With A50, you will loose much of what you gain. You would need something to stack with it to make it worth while.

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    Juicyswede is offline New Member
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    Oct 2001
    Hmmmm strange angle.. safe...? First I must say that this is very induvidual, the same amount that I can take can probably kill someone else. The thing is that I really like a-bombs. The amount U take also depends on wich kind U can get a hold of, the turkish anapolon´s are by far the BEST! With those I satisfiy with 2/day but with other brands I have been up to as much as 4/day! It was no problem for me but I don´t recommend anyone else to do this. I have recently been using anapolan for fuor weeks 2/day and I have made huge gains!

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    SWOLL UP is offline Associate Member
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    Oct 2001


    I am on my 3rd day of my second week of Anadrol . I have been using 50mg/day but I have no gyno or acne problems. Even when I used D-bol I didn't. Only problem I had was a little bit of hair falling out. I am using Prop/EQ/Kyno as well.

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    iron4life79's Avatar
    iron4life79 is offline Retired Moderator
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    Sep 2001
    the vast wasteland
    i wouldnt run it more than 4-5 weeks, building up to 100 a day and back down again. this stuff is potent , but its also harsh. take the minimum amount you need to, to aquire the desired result.

    peace bb79

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