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Thread: Oxyflux?

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    i'm guessing this is the SUPER generic form of clen .. correct me if i'm wrong. oxyflux costs about $9 for 50 tabs, and spiropent costs $8 for 20 tabs.. what's the difference? dosage? i checked out each box and both say 0.02. anyone had any experiences with oxyflux? thank ya in advance guys/girls? =P

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    I know a guy in CA who got some from TJ. I had doubts when I saw them down there, but he thought they were working. The only thing that made me think they worked is that his hands were shaking after taking 2, which is one of the sides.
    If you want guarenteed real clen for cheaper, try Novegam...$3-4 for 20 tabs. Mexican farmacias are the stuff. Be real nice to the guys and they'll give you a good deal.


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    Tried Oxyflux - hated it. Took about 8 pills a day for me to feel anything, and still didn't work as well as I wished.

    I'd go with either the liquid Spiropent - 200 cc bottle - or the pills.

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    Oxy is some terrible shit. Not worth the time.

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