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Thread: Hep C and AS

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    Hep C and AS

    Using AS with Hep C. I know this is a personal issue for most but any advice or knowledge on this subject would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    maybe u should look into liver values, and speak to someone who knows more about it as oral aas and injectable winstrol , dbol will affect ur liver values i guess leaving u feeling a little not to well.


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    As you probably know Hep C also known as HVC has a causative agent that invades the mononuclear cells within the liver,it replicates and sets up an inflammatory process in the parenchyma and portal ducts.This causes hepatic cell nerosis , celluar collapse and accumulation of necrotic tissue in the lobules and portal ducts. This results in interference with bilirubin excretion. Cellular regeneration and mitosis occur simultaneously with cellular necrosis, and the liver regenerates within 2 to 3 months. Continuation of the inflammatory response sets up a chronic disease process.

    To answer your question anything you take that could effect your liver eg 17AA drugs may hinder the process of the liver regeneration and thus the chronic disease process would become more frequent.

    As a Hep C sufferer I would assume your liver values are monitored often depending on the severity of your case.If you are intent on trying AAS I would start with low dosages and assess your liver values and ascertain as to wether it is worth continuing.

    This is only my opinion and in no way does it represent a medical view,hey gotta cover my own ass here ;-)

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    I think this would be risky business. I think 17AA's would be out all together but personally I would talk to a knowledgeable Doctor specializing in hormone replacement about this before attempting any AAS. You only get one liver and I would hate to see anything happen to it.

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    I also have Hep C and have had it for 24 years. I have been on hrt for a year and a half with test.cypionate under a dr's care. The Dr. watches my liver enzymes close. I've done deca and equipoise with no problem. Win tabs raised the ALT and AST.
    If you have any questions about Hep C that I may be able to answer, e-mail me at

    RubaHed ( Mike)

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    I'm in the HCV boat too. I'm no doctor but i've gathered that the alkylated orals are high risk - as is alcolhol. The risk of AAS on the liver is just all the added stress. Whether or not your liver can take it or not depends on the health of your liver. If your liver is in bad condition you should have been recommended for interferon therapy by now. Assuming your liver is still okay it's just another added risk. It's impossible to predict whether your HCV will stay low or flare up in the middle of the cycle. Ask yourself what risks are you willing to take with HCV? Do you drink alcohol? Would you drink alcohol? Will you take steroids ? It's essentially the same question.

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    Have hep c for at least 10 years maybe more. I just finished this cycle below before I educated myself on analbolics. No 17aa I know now because I could feel my liver burning on my last 2 weeks. I am sure to have done serious damage. I did have some great gains and I am keeping them . I am checking liver values next week. NO ORALS ! I had to quit d-bol on week 3 .

    1st cycle
    Age 40
    Weight Started 217 , Now 212 Lean mass
    Hieght 6'2"

    Week 1-12 500mg a week test enanthate
    Week 1-4 500mg a week Deca
    Week 1-4 75mg a day D-bol orals
    Week 4-8 500 mg a week Equipoise
    Week 8-12 100 mg a day winstrol
    Week 14-17 Clomid treatment

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    Hepc and tren

    Hey bro I have hepatitis C as well and I have a few questions for you if you don't mind I am planning on running a train test cycle I wanted to know if you have ever Rantren while having hepatitis and what your values were like after you ran it I know it's hard on the kidneys and so I have blood pressure medication to take the stress off my liver any input would help
    Thank you Anthony LoForti NASM EKG TECH IV

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    Do you realize this thread is 13 years old and most have not posted in many years.

    No hep C here but hep B many years ago.

    Yes liver functions get elevated on tren but go back to normal shortly after. Get some liv52, NAC and TUDCA.
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    Acute Hep B here about ten years ago.

    I run liv52 and NAC without issue.

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