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    Cycle : Need Feedback!!!

    Going for a mass cycle...

    My ideal would be a dbol , deca , sust. But because deca is so expensive I think I'm gonna drop it. So I'm leaning towards a dbol and sust only cycle.

    Dbol and sust: Will this be enough or am I cheaping out?

    Should I add cyp or something else to it?

    Also, is deca really worth it? It's damn twice the price of cyp, prop, enathate!

    I'd love some input!!!!!!!!

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    I'm on my 1st cycle (10 weeks total, 4th week into it), doing 500mg of sustenon 250 per week and 600mg of Deca per week, so far I've gained 17lbs at the beginning of my 4th week! (I front loaded both the sustenon and deca), I have no other cycles to compare to but so far I'm very pleased with the results, I wouldnt drop the Deca if I were you. I went from 173lbs to 191lbs so far. (I know that's 18lbs but it varies a bit depending on when I weigh myself etc)

    I don't know where you live, but this is what I paid, lets you compare prices a bit:

    Deca 10cc bottle from Ttokkyo, $100 each (got 3 bottles)
    Testonon 250, 10cc bottle from Ttokkyo, $110 each (got 3 bottles)

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    Dbol and sust will take you one step further, but throw in some Winny in week 7-12. Thats what im going to do in my next cycle.

    Personally I dont like deca and would go for EQ, but thats just my oppinion.

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    Instead of deca , I would go with dbol ,sust,eq and winny

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    Don't add cyp. Your running sust and they are both test. So basicly you'll just be adding more test. Eq is a good substitute or some tren . However IMO personaly if you are trying to bulk yes the deca is worth the price.

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