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    Question Hey Bro´s..need Some Personal Advice On Cytomel T3

    Hey bro´s I hope this post finds that all is going well with everyone. I am going into my 9th week post cycle. I too 40mg russian dbol E/D for 4 weeks and then took 200mg per week for 8 and took clomid 14 days to restart my test...

    During my cycle I went from 250lbs 15% bodyfat to i am 279lbs @ 20% bodyfat...I have seem to have kept nearly all of my stre ngth but have lost just some size, however i was doing this cycle for strength.

    I have researched cytomel and would like to give it a try, I have already used clenbuterol in the past. The question I have is this; it seems to be two schools of thought on the usage..start with 1 pill a day and increase every 3rd day or start with one pill a day and increase every 7th day...both say only use for 4 weeks or 6 weeks max!!!!!!

    I was hoping some of you who have used it before could give me some feedback on it and recommendations.

    Looking forward to your responses and be safe all!

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    You can increase rapidly the ramp up is not dangerous. The ramp down needs to be slow however. There would be no problem with increasing every 3rd day.

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    I agree the down ramp is whats really important. I've used it the way indicated in this thread a couple times and I like it best.

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    I agree that the comedown is the most important factor when using this. As far as I have researched the subject and based on peronal use, there is no positive information that prolonged useage of T3 will shut down normal production. I have used it 2months plus with no rebound effects and normal function returning.

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