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    Important 1st cycle Q's

    Hey guys,

    I have a few important q's that I had to ask.

    Background: I am roughly 165 lbs and just started working out about 4 months ago after a LONG layoff of 1.5 years. Right now, I am benching a weak 125-130 lbs max. I have gained about 12lbs in the last 3 months through just eating and training.

    I was thinking of starting a 10-week cycle of Test Enanthate (400), EQ (400) and D-bol (30 mg daily for 4 weeks). My goal is to gain muscle mass of about 15-20 lbs (and keep them). I also want to stay clear of the acne, bloating, and gyno. I know that it might be a little early to start using gear, but this is the most covenient time for me (won't get caught by employer). I've also heard that since I haven't reached my natural limit, it might be easier to keep the gains.

    1) Is it reasonable to think that I can have gains of 15-20 lbs and keep them?
    2) What do I need while on the cycle to prevent bloating and acne? I've been thinking of using Arimidex but it's damn expensive. Otherwise, I can use Nolva throughout the cycle for an anti-e but I've heard that it can limit the gains. I also plan on Clomid after the cycle. For acne, I've heard B5.
    3) If I took out the Test and added Winny instead, how would this effect the gains? It would be a lot cheaper b/c I might not need all the anti-e's and I could forget about the harsh side effects of test.
    4) What is a reasonable amount to pay for the 10 week cycle mentioned at the top?

    Thanks to all those who can answer.

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    First off how old are you bro? That is a good cycle and could easily gain 20pds. Always have clomid and nolva on hand. You def need to keep the test in the cycle. But if you only been working out for four months now I think you could gain 20pds and keep it with just supplements. I would try supps first then if you dont like the gains you make the decision on AS. But with the supps i would go with; Creatine,Protein,L-glut and some flaxseed oil. Since you've been working out for four months you have alot of growing to do and those supps could help gain 15-20 pds.

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