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    Question acetabolan II vs clomid

    i have a buddy that placed in mr florida last year and owns a gym in my town. he is very experienced with aas and has a bs degree in nutrition. he told be that in his opinion, taking acetobolan at 6 tabs/day for 4 weeks is just as effective as taking clomid post cycle. clomid is hard to find in my area and he sells acetobolan at his gym. he is not the type of person to bullshit me, so do you think that he is right.
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    No he is not right. Acetabolan II is a supplement by muscletech but doesn't have any of the properties of a SERM. Like most supplements claiming testosterone boosting abilities they are very ineffective when taken orally. You would be better off taking Nolvadex if you can't find clomid in my opinion.

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    Ive never heard of Acetabolan II helping your test levels.

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    Could someone please ban this spamming asshole? He keeps digging up ancient threads with this same BS post.
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