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    how quick is Dbol

    got a friend who is just starting to train seriously. his upcoming cycle kicks off with Dbol and Deca for 4 weeks since the Deca is slow to get started. i told him that this short of a cycle of Dbol shouldn't require any anti-estrogen b/c the Deca should keep his test levels up after 4 weeks. but, he still thinks he needs some Nolvadex to help out. i really can't tell him right from wrong on this one. are there any suggestions?

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    Actually your buddy is right. He does need nolva for gyno that the Dbol can create. As far as the deca is concerned he shouldn't even do it. It will kick in at the 4 week marker, so he will be wasting his time and money. BTW Deca is not a testosterone .


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    The entire cycle is going for 4 weeks??? that cycle wont do anything mate... in terms of gains etc... If it is just the Dbol for 4 weeks, and the deca for 10 then thats not TOO bad (although he should be running some test with it, deca dick an't fun)...

    But I have no idea why you are telling him not to have any anti e's.. you always need them.. they both shut down your system hard, so he definatly needs them for security...

    And if your friend is only just starting to train seriously, then why on earth is he doing steroids already?? Doesn't anyone have patience these days???

    Best of luck to your friend


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    I need to clear up some confusion. I will give the complete cycle and would appreciate any suggestions. My main question is will he need any Nolvadex after the 4 weeks of Dbol to kick off the cycle and if so, how many weeks should he use it. All appropriate anti-e's will be used post-cycle. This is a first cycle for someone who has been training naturally for 6 years. Sorry about the confusion.

    Weeks 1-4 Dbol 20 mg/d
    Weeks 1-10 Deca 300 mg/wk
    Weeks 5-11 Winny 20 mg/d

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    lets clear up some more confusion, nolvadex for deca incuded gyno will NOT work...its mechanism is through progesterone which is completley different than estrogen induced gyno (from the aromitization of test, not nandrolone )...but at such a mild dose (300mg/week) your friend should be just fine...the winny might combat those sides as well...good luck and i hope your bud doesn't end up on jenny jones screaming dbol ruined my life...

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    If the proper anti-e is used during the dbol period of the cycle, nolva will most likely NOT be needed.

    It's always good to have (nolva that is...) when ever you are administrating any AAS that can aromatize.

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