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    is body type big variable in gains??

    i was wondering how much of a factor the type of body you have has on the amount of gains u will make off gear. ex. mesomorph, ectomorphs, and endomorphs. i am a big time ectomorph so does this mean that i should expect less gains then a mesomorph while on gear?

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    id say most definately...but there are a billion other variables to consider as well, genetic potential, sleep habits, training, diet, steroid /supplement intake, stress (mental and physical), lifestyles (drugs, drinking, cleanlyness), etc...just to mention a few, but the answer to your question is yes ectomorph has the potential to yield less results simply because being an ectomorph is profiling you into a category of people whose body and genetic make up does not require large ammounts of muscle and is in a nice homeostasis with little muscle and being 'lanky' for lack of a better word, so heres the deal, break that barrier...good luck

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    While it is true that we are all bound by our genetic limitations, I am of the opinion that the type of gains one sees are based mainly on the following factors.

    Work ethic (in the gym)


    FDA (Food and drug administration)

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    after reading it i concluded that i based my gains
    on all factors namely, i got such of bad genetics
    that no matter what i do my results will be slow

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    I think juice works best on skinny guys. They're the one that have such a hard time putting on muscle. I'm one of those guys and juice makes me balloon like nothing else on earth.

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