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    test only vs test and deca

    i was going to take my first cycle of 300mg of deca and test cyp each a wekk for 10 weeks

    I wanted to compare the two just cyp alone vs test and deca . what would eb the diference in gains .Would it be considerable or not a big diference for a first timer.

    I heard that i should stick to the test and then go with the deca and test for my second cycle what do you guys think .
    I have the nolva and clomid and everything is almost ready .I am starting in November (beginning)


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    Test alone will pack on some good quailty muscle. Ive never done deca but ive heard its about the same as eq. I've never done deca just because deca dick, plus its a little bit higher then eq.

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    i got about 19 pounds off a deca 400mg a week only 10 week cycle. so i would say stick the deca in at 400 if you can afford to get another bottle w/ the cyp because i wish i had added test but i knew too little when i started the cycle, probly could have had about 30 pounds gained.

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