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    Tren, Test En, Winny extreme dosages...

    My cycle will be like this:

    Test ent - 1000 per week for weeks 1-2, then weeks 3-8 500wk
    Tren - 75mgs per day weeks 4-10
    Winny - 50mg weeks 4-10

    My question is with th etren shots everyday, what are some suggestion, I prefer strickly glutes but ED shots might not work with just glutes. If anything legs possibly, but hell this is my first time using tren is there any soreness with it?

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    biceps, triceps, quads, calves, delts, lat, traps, these are all good places.

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    I rotate between my delts, quads, glutes and calves. use 25g 1" pinz for everything except glutes.

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    personally from experience i like using delts, glutes, and tris...i can handlet he next day soreness there, anywhere else, biceps, quads, calves, i have soo much trouble manouvering and i get fever/flu like symptoms...if you want consistent blood plastma levels you will inject ED, but you can get by with EOD...but by doing so you are going to be a pincushion and will become more succeptable to infection/sicknes...but hey thousands of people are doing it so have fun and keep us posted...good luck

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