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    Question Just some final Q's?

    Ok, I was just wondering if it would be better to run EQ 1-10 at 400 mgs or 1-12 at about 330 mgs? I'm also going to run winny at 50 EOD towards the end of the cycle. How far past the EQ should I run the winny? ex EQ 1-10 Winny 8-12? or 9-13? A couple more questions... do I need anything to protect me againt gyno? I do have clomid for post cyle and planning on starting it 18 days after EQ at 200mg. thanks in advance.

    My stats
    I have 2 light cycles under my belt..
    Winny 50mg ED for 40 days
    and EQ 200 mg for 5 weeks
    5'11 177 13% body fat

    Goals- I would like to get more cut and gain 15 lbs. in keep able gains.

    training Q's? - Would it be ok to work legs twice a week and every other body part once? Also would 3 days of cardio lasting 30 mins be enough? I know that to much cardio gain limit your gains but I want to get cut up. How much cardio do you think I should do?

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    1-10 @ 400. Many say EQ will not produce gains unless taking at least 400 for those with previous cycles under their belt.

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    Thanks for the advice.. But then how come under the cycles for the novice on they have EQ 300 mgs for only 8 weeks? Any advice on any of my other questions? thanks

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    You know how to pack a lot of questions into a post. I would run the EQ at 400 mg a week for ten weeks (12 if you can afford it). Just trying to figure out how to measure out 330 mg makes my head hurt. Run the winny weeks 9-13. You know your body better then I do so how much cardio you do and how much rest you need between body parts is really something you are going to have to experiment with although I don't think cardio three times a week will inhibit gains much. It is always a good idea to have nolvadex on hand but honestly you should not experience any gyno from that cycle.

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