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Thread: what is ghb?

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    what is ghb?

    what is ghb?

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    Look under the drug profiles; at start page.

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    GHB is bad news

    Gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) is an illegal drug that is used as a muscle builder, a "party drug" and a "date-rape" drug. GHB comes in a liquid and a powder form. GHB has been linked to many serious illnesses and even deaths. People abusing the drug in texas lead officials to closing down TT labs in Mexico. I personally have used it, more towards the party scene rather than a steroid . If you had a very small amount, and slipped it into someones drink, they wouldn't know the difference, liquid is better than powder for this, but about 30-45 minutes the person looks and acts like they drank way too much- like their drunk off their ass. They are still concious but have no clue as to why they are so hurt, they can still walk and talk. This happened to a very close female friend of mine and she was I dont want to say raped, but pretty close and didn't have a clue the next day as to what happened. She thought she drank to much and passed out. Not something I like to hear about

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    first off sorry to hear that happen to your freind ,but ghb is not why TT is getting all this heat its cause of K ,keu word abused,when anything is abused or used the wrong way its bad .studies show if u can control ur self and hav erespesct it is not harmfull, not tocic what soever cnverst to carbonand watr which s what flesh is made from ,drinking one can of coke is more toxic then a couple of caps ,must be repsected and not mixed with alc.

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    What's the point of discussing narcotics on here fellas? Have you read my sticky about this? It brings unwanted attention and really has no place here. Do a google search or something.

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    its a wonderful thing!!

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