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    Eygpt.... Gear & Prices

    I need info on prices and availabity of the Gear in Eygpt....
    I might be visting there soon (gota see the pyrmids) and I heard that Juice is actutlly legal without an Rx down there...

    So If U have ever been to Eygpt or if know any info about, I would greatly appreicate the help...

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    i live just across the road from egypt, been there a few times you can get your gear from any pharmacy, you may have to order it a day in advance as they do not really keep a stock, it is very cheap and dont have to worry about "fakes", haggeling is the way over there so ask them for there best price, and then ask for special discount, and dont worry it works , anyway enjoy your time any other questions just pm me. Ps. be careful round the pyramids the locals will try to rob you blind, asking you a thousand times to pay a toll, even the police follow this practise, so organise a guide and agree on a price before you set off he will take care of all the "bakshesh" (tolls) for you.

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