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Thread: Siezure letter?

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    Siezure letter?

    hey guys simple question i have heard all thise talk about seizure letters kinda sounds dumb but what exactly are they. I assume you get the letter if your gear gets taken but then what? do they look for you or what? And what does the letter say. Is it something to really worry about or does it just mean you lost some money. And say you get one of these letters does that mean they are gonna check you closer or is it still safe to try and shop? anyone with experience words of wisdom would be nice

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    US Customs will send you a seizure letter when they confiscate illegal contraband. The letter will tell you how to contest their seizure and who to contact to do so.

    Some times your addy will be flagged, but it is impossible for customs and/or USPS to watch the whole nation. Just not enough manpower.

    If you repeatively get seizures sent to the same addy, they will eventually come and get you.

    The wise thing to do is get a new mailing addy and use it. International purchasing is now risky business.

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