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Thread: Cutting Help??

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    Cutting Help??

    I am 5'10'' 190/200 but 15/18%bf I dont want to lose weight or gain weight realy but if one i would have to say gain.what i want to do is stay close to the same weight but put my bf at around 8 to 10% and harden up and get that look from AS that you cant get naturaly.So my ? is would would 40mg of winny ed for 6 to 8 weeks do that?If so which one 6 or 8 and if i only use winny do i need clomid at the end and how much milkth... ?
    thanks alot guys
    I also know i have to keep working out eat right and get my sleep and keep it cool diet is key to the path i want.
    all help is good help thanks

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    50 mg ed might do it ,u could add a something else to the mix a swell .primo ,eq,fina ,these are good candidates

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    go with anavar . Winny's good but if your prone to hairloss it will get you. I used it and luckily I suffered no ill sides except crazy pumps. If you do decide to use it run it for a short period of time 4-5 weeks. And get some Nizoral 2% shampoo, also take Saw Palmetto, ALA, milk thistle, or mabey some Tyler's liver detox. But I'd go with Var if you can get it.

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    what's the Saw Palmetto for?

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    Saw Palmetto helps heal your enlarged prostate by reducing levels of a very active male hormone knows as DHT. It is thought that DHT is the primary key to enlarging your prostate. An enzyme in you body switches on the DHT fooling the cells into thinking they are in puberty again and need to get going. So the DHT causes an overproduction of prostate cells causing the glad to grow bigger and bigger.

    Men with enlarged prostates have an exceptionally high level of DHT. SAW PALMETTO helps block the production of DHT to bring it back to normal levels.

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