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    wtf, then why use dbol?

    why the fu$k do people use dbol ? I have just got it for my next cycle but reading more and more posts it seems to make no sense. Do you keep it if you use it with other aas? I am using eq, test e, fina, and winny with it. Not gonna bore you with the dosages and lengths, but by using these are they gonna help me keep some of the dbol gains?

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    I know alot of other bros trash D-bol, but for me I love those little pills.... I always keep most of the gains off D-bol... I lose maybe like 5lbs to 7lbs of water when coming off, but the rest I keep as long as I keep busting my ass in the gym...

    What do you think Arnold and most of the bodybuilders of his time used? Test, D-bol and Primobolan were probably the most used anabolics... I don't know what you think, but it looked like they kept most of their gains to me...

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