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Thread: Cycle Critique

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    Thumbs up Cycle Critique

    This is my plan for my third cycle it consists of:
    weeks 1-10
    Test-depot 750mgs (froantloaded at 1gram) 1st week
    deca At 600mgs

    weeks 1-6
    d-bol at 50 mgs

    weeks 6-10 winny50mgs everyday

    lets hear what yah think

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    looks really good to me bro. bet you make great mass gains. looks alot like my last cycle

    test depo 750mg/wk-wks1-10
    durabolin 400mg/wk-wks1-10
    dbol 30mg/d-wks1-5
    tren 150mgeod wks6-10
    winny 50mg/d wks6-10

    gained 30lbs off that

    now i kinda feel like i ran to many different roids at to high a dosage for only my second cycle, but oh well

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    Looks good bro.

    The only suggestion I got is maybe cut the dbol off at week 4, giving your liver a few weeks off before hitting it with winny.

    Also, depending on how you react, you want some nolv/arim/liquidex on hand. I prefer liquidex, but whatever you like. Also, have you planned out post-cycle?

    Let's hear it when your done! You should put on at least 20lbs!

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    i agrree stop the dbol after wk 4 the juice will be kickin in by then.other wise it sound like your gunna get humungo

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    Looks solid bro. Id run prop or some susp tabs from week 10-12 and would do the winn 7-12 before you hit clomid to get rid of that gray area

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    Would it be ok to run the winny out to week twelve to cover that gray area without prop or susp.?

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