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    Talking cycle question? PLEASE HELP!!!

    well i have been runnig deca for 3 weeks now (out of my 10 week cycle) and i have seen pretty good results so far. im up about 6 lb. and im runnig the ttokkyo 300mg deca... im looking to strip my body fat percent from 12% to about 5 or 6%..i want to take some eq to cut down starting in week 7, and run that for weeks 7 to 12...i have been reading up on eq and it seems like people have done this and got good results. so how does that sound? just looking for some suggestions.......

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    No flame bro, but the 6lbs you've put on is likely a result of hard training and good diet. Deca takes at least 3 weeks before it even begins to work. As far as adding EQ it is very similar to deca in it's structure. The main difference between the two is that EQ promotes a harder look and does not cause water retention. It does not burn fat or reduce AAS do that. The only substances that can aid in fat loss are ECA, clenbuterol , T3 (cytomel ) and DNP (although I strongly advise against DNP). Your best bet to reduce BF is to tweak your caloric intake and increase your cardio. But remember, there is a fine line....too little calories and too much cardio can throw you into a state of catabolism (losing muscle) and that's not what you want. Just be realistic with your goals and take small steps.

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